Frequently asked questions

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How do I track conversions?
Each link has a unique UTM_ID code appended to the url. You can use any analytics platform (Like Google Analytics) to track conversions by filtering by the UTM_ID.
Do you integrate with analytics platform?
Yes, you can sync with Google Analytics and generate a report for your links automatically
How do I connect a custom domain?
Simply add it in your account settings page and point a CNAME record to
Where can I find my Google Analytics Property ID and Stream ID?
Google is depreciating V3 of Google Analytics, also known as Universal Analytics. This means that soon no more data will be recorded.

We strongly recommend everyone to move to the new V4, or at least create a new V4 property and keep both active until you will be forced to switch.

At Splitmat we support only the new V4 of Google Analytics, this guarantees us access to all new and most recent features and all new updates.

In order to connect your Google Analytics account you will need two things, the property id and the stream id. You can find both values in your Google Analytics admin page
  1. open admin
  2. property id
  3. stream id