Increase conversions with A/B Tests

Splitmat is a URL shortenter which can redirect your traffic across multiple pages.
You would be surprised how much we can increase your conversions.

No Code Solution

Splitmat works as a normal URL shortener. You won't need any plugin or code change on your website.

Automatic Conversion Tracking

Splitmat appends a specific "utm_id" parameter to your landing page urls. You can then use Google Analytics, Fathom or any other analytics app to track time on site, bounce rate, conversion events and much more.
Simply filter your data for this "utm_id" tag. (Or use our built in Google Analytics reports)

Try it free

You can try Splitmat free for 14 days. After that you have an extra 30 days of 100% refund guarantee if you are not satisfied.

How does it work?

Ab/Tests are really easy to make, require no code change on your website and work with any website builder, like WordPress.

Step 1.

Create a couple of landing pages with your favorite landing page builder, Wordpress, Wix, etc. They all work.

Step 2.

Splitmat will generate a short link (e.g. Use this short link on social media, emails and on any other your marketing campaign.

Step 3.

Whenever someone clicks on this link, we will redirect it to one of your landing pages. We will split your traffic evenly.

Step 4.

We then sync with Google Analytics, and generate an easy to read report. Now you can easily track conversions and page performance.

One Platform, a ton of use cases

Splitmat is great for a AB/Tests but it can be used on several different situations


AB/Testing is one of the main and most useful ways you can use Splitmat

Custom Domain URL Shortener

Look professional. Shorten your URLs with your own branded domain

Track Emails

Many email softwares block analytics. Use Splitmat to track when links are clicked.

Track Clicks

Create a short link for your Twitter profile, one for your email signature and compare clicks and conversions

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